Hello Friends! I'm sorry to take so long to write again, but this semester has taken off full speed ahead. I'm really enjoying my classes this semester! While I have 8 am classes everyday, which is as horrible as it sounds, I love all of my teachers and I'm getting to take jazz so I really feel like I'm dancing again.

I wanted to focus this post on a really cool opportunity I had at the beginning of this semester. In December, I was cast in Rider's New Play Festival. The play festival is an opportunity for professional playwrights to come in and use student actors in a staged reading of their new works. I was cast as Carrie Buck in Michele Aldin Kushner's Unfit. The play is a historical piece based on the court case Buck v. Bell, 1927. (WARNING: This case was and still is extremely controversial, so I will not share many details, but be careful when letting the young ones google search.) This piece was very moving and just beautiful. My character had some really difficult circumstances to overcome and it was a joy to make her come to life. It was incredible being able to work alongside a playwright as well. When I was unsure of a character's motive I could simply ask. Sometimes Michele did not have a clear answer and wanted the actor to make a choice. Being able to see the creative side of theatre from a new perspective was really interesting and I'm so thankful for the opportunity. It is crazy how quickly we have jumped in to this semester. I think I speak for all the freshman when I say this semester is already a lot more challenging, but I feel like we are all making huge strides in our goals in becoming professional performers. As always, I miss you like crazy.

Tu Me Manques,