Current Students:

How do I update the card I have on file for Monthly Tuition?  Click Here

How much are recital costumes?  The recital costumes generally cost between $65 and $75 each. We collect a $50 deposit per costume in the Fall. The remaining balances will be invoiced in March.

Potential New Students:

When can I sign up my son/daughter for dance classes? Our program runs from September through May of each year. We register the majority of our dancers in the Summer, however, we will take new students until December 1st. For Summer registration dates, see the Registration/Class schedule page.

How Much do dance classes cost?  

  • For ages 3-7 (Preschool-1st Grade) our classes are 1 hour long/1 day a week and the monthly tuition is $60.

  • For Ages 7-10 (Level 1-5) the classes are 90 minutes long and the monthly tuition is $90.

  • Our level 6 class is 2 hours long and the monthly tuition is $100.

Do you charge a registration fee to sign up for dance?  Yes, our registration fee is $70 per family and is non-refundable. 

How old does my dancer have to be?  To start classes, the dancer must be 3 years old before September 1st.

Do you take older dancers?  We do not have classes that would be appropriate for a beginner older than 10 years of age.

What do your dancers wear?  All of our dancers wear a leotard and tights to class. Preschool - 1st Grade can wear any leotard they like (preferably with an attached skirt). Level 1 and up are required to wear a specific class leotard.

Do you charge a recital fee?  No. We do not charge a per dancer recital fee. 

How much are tickets to your recital? Tickets to our recital can be purchased online starting in April and are $15 each.