I've always had trouble being vulnerable to people, but as I've started college and started-dare I say it!-blogging I have come to realize the importance of sharing little pieces of yourself with others. The human connection is a thing that should be celebrated through artistry not hidden due to a lack of self-confidence. So in hopes of inspiring you to share a little piece of yourself with someone new, here's something that was weighing on my heart earlier after sharing with a new friend.

As fires rise I sit and wait, As thunders roar I sigh, Still and quiet I accept my fate, While horrors pass me by. But then you come before me, And con me to believe, That if I leave my loyal post, New adventures I'll receive. But wonders turn to wrestling, Our love begins to quake, And you become the grandest of my self-destructive mistakes.

Tu Me Manques, McKenna

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