Stacia’s School of Dance will be taking a Disney Performance Company to Walt Disney World to perform in Downtown Disney. The trip is being planned for June 2020.

The Disney Performance Company will be an invitation only group of dancers that will dance and rehearse together in the same way as a competitive dance company. However, instead of competing, they will be learning and polishing routines to be performed at the Spring Dance recital and Walt Disney World. The goal of this group, much like the goal of a competitive group is to offer more opportunities to dancers who truly love dance and want more than they are getting from 1 day a week dance class. These dancers will dance 2 days a week and at times will have additional rehearsals (especially as we get closer to our Disney Performance).

Here are the requirements for a dancer to participate in the Disney Performance Company:

  • Must be invited by Miss Stacia 

    • Invitations will go out in 2 phases. Many dancers will be invited through email in the next couple of weeks. A second round of invitations will go out at the completion of the summer programs. Dancers who do not initially get invited, but would like to be considered can do so by expressing interest to Miss Stacia and attending the appropriate Summer program.

  • Must be 7 years old prior to January 1, 2020.

  • Must Participate in the appropriate Summer Program for their age.

  • Must be willing to dance 2 days a week in the 2019-2020 dance year.

  • Must commit to the expense of the Disney Trip and make timely payments as laid out by the Travel Agency.

  • Every dancer attending the Disney trip must be accompanied by an adult chaperone/parent. 

We will have a few informational meetings to discuss dates and cost of the trip to help dancers decide if they would like to participate. These meetings will be scheduled as soon as we have the information we need from the Travel Agency.

We have taken groups to Disney 3 times before and every time it has been immensely successful. Everyone has had a great time and felt that the trip was a good value for the money and a wonderful performance opportunity for the dancers.

Please note: While this is geared around a performance for the dancers, it is also a great opportunity to take the whole family and enjoy the Magic of Disney.