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Here is the Rehearsal Schedule for Friday Dec 16th.

5:00Pm.   Tues. 4:00 class Gingerbread (Isabel and Ave)
                 Mon. 4:00 class Mice and Soldiers ( Isa and Ethan)
                 Fri. 4:30. class Chocolate. 
                 Tues. 5:00 class Flowers (Janelle)

6:00pm.   Mon. 6:30 class Gingerbread (Isabel and Ave)
                 Thur. 3:30 class Mice and Soldiers (Isa and Ethan) 
                 Thur. 4:30 class Chocolate
                 Tues. 7:30 class Flowers. (Janelle)

7:00pm Thurs. 2:30 class Gingerbread (Isabel and Ave)
                Tues. 6:30  class Mice and Soldiers (Isa and Ethan) 
                Thur. 6:00  class Chocolate
                Mon. 5:00 class Flowers. (Janelle)

8:00.      Boys Russian dance
            All company members and all featured dancers except those listed above

10:00 We must be done!!!