Here is a detailed layout of the Dance Year Events and Important Dates:

Please Note: The only holidays we observe are listed below.

April 1st - Dance Tuition Due

April 2-30 - Recital T-Shirts on sale in the SHOP

April 20 - Recital Tickets Go On-Sale Click Here to Purchase Tickets

To See What Show your Dancer is in, Click Here

April 29 - May 2 - Recital Costume Pictures - Pictures will be taken during your regular class time.

April 30 - Last Day to Order Recital T-Shirts

May 1st - Final Dance Tuition Due

May 10th - Pre-Registration starts for 2019-2020 classes (Click here to see the class schedule)


May 30 - Last day of Regular Classes

June 3-5 - Recital Rehearsals at the Dance Studio

Studio Rehearsal Schedule.PNG

Rehearsals at the Dance Studio

June 6-7 - Mary Poppins Jr. Spring Recital rehearsals at Mountain View College

Mountain View Rehearsal Schedule.PNG

Rehearsals at Mountain View

June 8 - Mary Poppins Jr. Spring Recital Performances